Characters: Malcolm, Siward, Young Siward, Macduff, Mentieth, Caithness, Angus, Lennox, Ross and Soldiers Location: near Birnam Wood Time: not specified

In-front of the car stood a wall. Behind those walls was a palace. In the palace was a king. In the king was a bomb, it was set to go off when the man in the car got close enough to the king. In the bomb was gunpowder. In the gunpowder was sulphur. In the […]

Place: A heath somewhere in scotland Characters: 3 witches Time: During an unknown battle the three witches talk about what they are going to do after a battle over. They are going to meet macbeth on a heath.    

  Place: Camp near Forres Time: After a Battle Characters: King Duncan, Malcolm, Donalbain, Lenox, Captain, Rosse and Angus A battle between the the king of Scotland battling Macdonwald and Norway as well as a turned Thane of Cawdor. Scotland wins the battle thanks to a incredible effort from king duncans cousin Macbeth who is […]

Bronson: Umm, Okay. Two truths and a lie. First one, I’m ambidextrous, second one… Const: What does ambidextrous mean? Bronson: It means I can write with both hands and do act… things with both hands. Number two, I have a cat called Mojo. Number three, I have lived in Wanaka almost my whole life Const: […]

Two truths and a lie: Const: OK I’ll start: My mum’s from LA. I play badminton. I have eaten ants James: I’d say ants Bronson: Yeah, that’s what I think two. You guys there Const: That’s right James: OK. I once stole a glasses bag from a store I have a tradition of stealing candy […]

Hypothesis My hypothesis is that it is more difficult to convey emotion and feeling through the body language which also means it’s easier to conceal your true intentions.