Place: A heath somewhere in scotland Characters: 3 witches Time: During an unknown battle the three witches talk about what they are going to do after a battle over. They are going to meet macbeth on a heath.    

  Place: Camp near Forres Time: After a Battle Characters: King Duncan, Malcolm, Donalbain, Lenox, Captain, Rosse and Angus A battle between the the king of Scotland battling Macdonwald and Norway as well as a turned Thane of Cawdor. Scotland wins the battle thanks to a incredible effort from king duncans cousin Macbeth who is […]

Bronson: Umm, Okay. Two truths and a lie. First one, I’m ambidextrous, second one… Const: What does ambidextrous mean? Bronson: It means I can write with both hands and do act… things with both hands. Number two, I have a cat called Mojo. Number three, I have lived in Wanaka almost my whole life Const: […]

Two truths and a lie: Const: OK I’ll start: My mum’s from LA. I play badminton. I have eaten ants James: I’d say ants Bronson: Yeah, that’s what I think two. You guys there Const: That’s right James: OK. I once stole a glasses bag from a store I have a tradition of stealing candy […]

Hypothesis My hypothesis is that it is more difficult to convey emotion and feeling through the body language which also means it’s easier to conceal your true intentions.  

Hypothesis My hypothesis is that it is more difficult to communicate through written language because there is no body language involved this has two effects; it makes it more difficult to show how you feel, but it also makes it easier to conceal the truth and how you really feel. In the resources provided the […]

Hello fellow human FIST BIG FIST How are you We are meant to be texting not communicating like normal people Good thanks and you I do what i want So what you want to talk about BIG FIST Why cos your twelve now I dont know ae I am of age you person Are you […]