20th February 2017

Hypothesis ( Main One)


My hypothesis is that it is more difficult to communicate through written language because there is no body language involved this has two effects; it makes it more difficult to show how you feel, but it also makes it easier to conceal the truth and how you really feel.

In the resources provided the Hypothesis is proven correct as in the online text conversation where they could not see each other’s expressions etc. Some guesses were incorrect while in the in person one there were none. A further point to the Hypothesis is that the text conversation were much more short and to the point, this is because the subjects had time to think about their question and due to today’s texting culture that need to be easy and quickly understood and responded to. In the spoken conversation however, one subject noticably seems to feel a lot of pressure and fails to play the game properly and there is only fillers used in the spoken language all of which show when the subject is either uncertain on what they are about to say or need more time to think about what they are about to say.

In conclusion it is more difficult to lie and deceive people in person than through text conversation because you cannot see the person’s body or facial expressions which are said to take up a significant portion of our communication.

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