13th June 2017

Some random stuff

In-front of the car stood a wall. Behind those walls was a palace. In the palace was a king. In the king was a bomb, it was set to go off when the man in the car got close enough to the king. In the bomb was gunpowder. In the gunpowder was sulphur. In the sulphur was protons. In the protons was two up quarks and 1 down quark. In those quarks was part of the consciousness of the great Prophet Muhammad. Alongside the king was his guards in shining Iridium armour. Within the guard was a chicken sandwich. Atop the Guard was a glass of juice. Near the juice was some poison. Opposite the poison was a vile of rocks. Among the rocks was a genie. Nearby the man that was in the car approached the king. Against the man the guards rose. Towards the guards two guns turned that were in the hands of the man that was in the car. Aside from the fact that his two guards fell the king remained calm and on his throne. Amid the violence the genie stirred.

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