• He’s a chill guy
  • Has sympathy
  • Has human behaviors and values
  • He can’t not taking souls
  • He sees the worst and best of beople
  • hitler helped hin out
  • he works for lots of cmunalxs
  • hes not inherently evil/genuine
  • he is scaed of humans
  • hes just doig his job like anyotjer person
  • he has a very specific set of skills
  • death is basically santa claus
  • he dosent know who u are
  • he doesnt know where you are
  • We cant escape death, he will find you and he will kill you
  • Alwasy busy
  • likes colours
  • similar to humans – has emotions and sensory capabilities
  • he is fascinated by Humans and the colours of the world

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